Sunday, November 20, 2016

A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of censorship

German Times, Leftist Media & Totalitarian State (Post-Trump Trauma)[Warning. This is about colluded and corrupt state media and censorship. Strong language. Reader discretion is advised.]

BERLIN (The East-West Writer) – Freedom of expression? Not in Germany! Freedom of the press, not for the peopleDie ZEIT [Times], the Merkel regime’s state-of-the-art propaganda flagship, doesn’t take chances with yo readers’ critical comments. You say something that doesn’t rhyme with the status quo, they’ll delete your dissent on sight.
Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate their opinions in words, texts and images […] There is no censorship. –Art. 5, §1, First sentence, German Basic Law
Creating critique-free spaces
Here is a list of often completely arbitrary censorship reasons (to their credit, they give some), colder than the inquisition in Hammer of the Witches:
Deleted. Please refrain from generalizations. The editors / ja
Deleted. Please formulate your criticism objectively and respectfully. The editors / ja
Deleted. Please refer to the article’s topic. The editors / ur
Deleted. Please argue without unnecessary polemics. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please refrain from submitting any unsupported information. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please support your statement with sources and do not engage in any general defamation and accusations. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please refrain from excessive polemics. The editors / rg
Deleted. Please provide your statement with sources. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please refrain from assumptions. The editors / ja
And these are just a few of many deletions taken from just one article (!) about the ‘state of emergency in France’. Censorship takes place in all comment sections. We are talking about thousands of deletions, every day. For this kind of thought policing, the paper needs many, many censors (ja, ur, ee, rg … are name abbreviation).

Sexism, Underaged Girls, Dojin Comics and Otaku Culture in Tokyo's Akihabara District (R-rated)

What is wrong with this Japanese picture?

It’s the drawing of a probably under-aged character in a Dojin-comic (self-published) hanging round in Akihabara shops, a popular tourist district in Tokyo. It’s legal. It’s even tax-free.
Japan is hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Because Japan is a US colony and ally in the containment of China, North Korea, and Russia, US liberal media and cultural marxists go very mild on the Japanese.
The Western thought police and press soldiers write about Pokemon and Shin Godzilla. They don’t write about child-pornography and rampant sexism.
They will change in 2020.