Monday, April 25, 2016

Sex Work in China has a bright future: 30 million surplus men and capitalism will see to it

"There isn’t a local motel chain, conference venue, or massage parlor in Beijing or Shanghai that doesn’t offer some fine selection of youthful whores and seasoned hookers. [And if no such service exists at your place , ask a taxi driver to the next “yellow” light district.] The price for Chinese sex workers in Beijing or Shanghai: Ranging from RMB 300 ($45) for street hookers or bar pick-ups (obviously, you’ll need to drive back to your hotel room), around RMB 400 ($60) for the hostess at your seedy back-alley brothel, to RMB 800-1000 ($120-150) for hotel maids, and RMB 1000 ($180) and upwards for really gorgeous company."

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Enemy Propaganda Example

Enemy propaganda. Demote the foreign nation, disrupt society, demonize the foreign government. Create heroes, martyrs, saviors, and lots of dissidents for foreign “regimes” until their nation ideally collapses.
The targeted nation becomes paranoid, insecure, and -hopefully- more repressive as a result. Naturally, the government will want to censor the foreign lies and launch its own enemy propaganda. This in return will confirm the aggressor’s initial propaganda and create… more enemy propaganda! Finally, war – even if it’s unwinnable – becomes the only option to restore one’s nation’s dignity (or die trying).[...]

Wednesday, April 20, 2016