Friday, October 31, 2014

Vulcanhammer: The "Cult" of China Experts is hardly new

The Cat 'Buff' of Vulcanhammer (c) Vulcanhammer
Quick shoutout and thanks to Vulcanhammer for this kind endorsement:
"It also puts a new twist on this “white privilege” meme that we hear so much of these days.  Most propagators of that meme would like us to think that such is a purely right-wing phenomenon.  But this is not the case, as the list of experts Pattberg reels off shows.  It’s one thing to mouth a multicultural agenda; it’s quite another to actually do it successfully.  In the case of China, we’re nowhere near that point, and I’m not holding my breath on that changing any time soon." -- @Vulcanhammer

I agree. US-journalists acting as social justice warriors or, worse, para-political units, won't stop their smear-campaigns against China until the nation finally disintegrates. This could happen any time, any year soon. There's malevolence in the air. On a bad day in Europe, you can smell the pure hatred and witness the blaming of Asians for all the problems in the world. As one German farmer once explained the silliness and dangerous simplicity of Western propaganda: "Even our cattle now believe the West is our savior and that the East is evil." The situation is that toxic.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pattberg: The War on the War on English (Video)

"Chinese authorities are waging a war on American culture and the use of English." --Dexter Roberts

If there's a war on language, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the English one against all others! 

It has been shown -over and over again- how European translations of all things Asian have directly misinterpreted those other civilizations, and robbed the Asians of their originality, their inventiveness, and their intellectual property rights. This great destruction of foreign words follows the history of the Europeans like genocide, colonialism, and orientalism. [...]

See article 'China's War on English' by Dexter Roberts:
Read War Against 'The War On English' at Big Think:
Watch Video 'Knowledge is a Polyglot' by T Pattberg:

Twitter: @worldethics

Monday, October 27, 2014

The End of Sagehood and the Last Sage of Europe (Video)

In this essay, Dr. Thorsten J. Pattberg discusses the difference between sages and philosophers and saints. He compares the sage cultures of the East with the philosopher culture of the West, and calls Jesus Christ 'the last sage of Europe' because the "messiah" cunningly deprived human beings of their highest wisdom and delegate it all to God.

Monday, October 20, 2014

New Pattberg Video Library at WeToldYouSo1 - Have a click!

The famed essay "Diary of a Mad Imperialist - Why Nations stay in abusive relationships" is now available in video format! Read about how German Orientalism is alive and kicking in Shanghai.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chinese Students at Harvard and Cambridge (Video)

There is the joke that Xi Jinping's "Chinese Dream" was really about being able to send all your kid to a US Ivy League school, such as he sent his daughter to Harvard. Bo Xilai sent his son to Harvard, too. In fact, in China everyone knows someone who has a son or daughter in America. China has a massive brain drain problem.

Yale, Princeton, Harvard, or even Cambridge University in England, are considered the ultimate upgrade for the taizidang, the spoilt and well-to-do sons and daughters of China's elites. It is estimated that 85% of the rich are planning on leaving China, or sending a kid to a Western top university. Rich Chinese entrepreneurs are donating millions of dollars to US institutions just to boast with their affiliation.

Meanwhile, Peking and Tsinghua envisioned their universities to be world class and are investing millions of rmb in prestige projects. Will their efforts be enough to stem against the massive Chinese brain drain?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

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