Monday, August 5, 2013

Kang Yikun - Goddess of Renmin University (康逸琨)

Kang Yikun - Goddess of Renmin University

The University community in China goes crazy about this pretty girl and fellow student: Kang Yikun (康逸琨). She appeared out of nowhere on Renmin University’s website this summer and, within a few days, caused its server to crash. China has 400 million microbloggers.

Her Weibo profile amasses 100,000 followers in no time, and around 300,000 comments were dropped in the first week. All majornewspapers reported about her. She might even change the way Chinese universities are presenting themselves to the outside world. After all, this isn’t just a dull world of all learning and no fun; it’s also a place where young people spend 24/7 of their most precious time of youth.
As one anonymous commentator wrote: “We want more of it!” Chances are they’ll get it. [MORE LINKS AND IMAGES HERE]