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Thilo Sarrazin: Germany to become low-IQ country

BERLIN - German best-selling author Thilo Sarrazin causes a ruckus with his racist theories... and gets shamed and ridiculed by the Left and the media of matters. Only problem: apart from shouting and crying "racist," nobody -to our best knowledge- could yet refute the science and hard economic data (he's the former Berlin senator of finance) that show that certain strata of German society breed...ahem, well... they breed stupidity.
"At higher relative fertility of the less intelligent decreases the average intelligence of the population. " --Thilo Sarrazin
Thilo Sarrazin Collection of BooksAnd because stupidity votes and buys gossip papers, politicians and the mass media must cater to... you've guessed it: the stupid. It's a downward spiral. Hence Mr. Sarrazin's first book's title: 'Germany does away with itself.'

The gifted Germans have none or fewer kids; the stupid Germans and, most importantly, Sarrazin says, the average immigrants from the Middle East or Africa, have two or more kids. Therefore, stupid will "out-breed" smart. It's not about individuals, of course. It's about demography: Germany must engage in population control and family planning, or else...
Friedrich Nietzsche Thilo Sarrazin
National moralists: Friedrich Nietzsche (l.), the nihilist German philosopher, in 1891 famously discussed the 'master' and the 'slave' morality, and prophesied the coming of the perfect 'ubermensch'. Almost 120 years later, Thilo Sarrazin says: Sorry, but ubermensch is canceled: "Germany does away with itself."

Unfortunately, the new underclass of stupid, or "prekariat" in German officialese, profits from the German welfare state and affirmative action, says Sarrazin. Those retards will, under supervision, make fantastic consumers of stuff such as fast food and TV reality shows. They may even be buying a Porsche car and -always always- buying the latest smart-phones in the future. Alas, the stupid will be, on average, intellectually incapable of inventing such devices. What to do, what to do...

Fazit: Stupid always wins. Stupid believes in statistics they didn't fabricate themselves. Try not to have kids with stupid. And don't talk about the stupidity of race in public. If you can...

Key words: Race & IQ, Thilo Sarrazin, Germany low-IQ
Image source: Thilo Sarrazin, author of 'Deutschland schafft sich ab' (2010) and 'Wunschdenken' (2016)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sex Work in China has a bright future: 30 million surplus men and capitalism will see to it

"There isn’t a local motel chain, conference venue, or massage parlor in Beijing or Shanghai that doesn’t offer some fine selection of youthful whores and seasoned hookers. [And if no such service exists at your place , ask a taxi driver to the next “yellow” light district.] The price for Chinese sex workers in Beijing or Shanghai: Ranging from RMB 300 ($45) for street hookers or bar pick-ups (obviously, you’ll need to drive back to your hotel room), around RMB 400 ($60) for the hostess at your seedy back-alley brothel, to RMB 800-1000 ($120-150) for hotel maids, and RMB 1000 ($180) and upwards for really gorgeous company."

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Enemy Propaganda Example

Enemy propaganda. Demote the foreign nation, disrupt society, demonize the foreign government. Create heroes, martyrs, saviors, and lots of dissidents for foreign “regimes” until their nation ideally collapses.
The targeted nation becomes paranoid, insecure, and -hopefully- more repressive as a result. Naturally, the government will want to censor the foreign lies and launch its own enemy propaganda. This in return will confirm the aggressor’s initial propaganda and create… more enemy propaganda! Finally, war – even if it’s unwinnable – becomes the only option to restore one’s nation’s dignity (or die trying).[...]

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How 'Die Zeit' [German Times] generates pro-USA and anti-China propaganda

BERLIN - The German weekly Die Zeit is famous for its preposterous China journalism. The correspondents are mostly Chinese illiterates. They regurgitate what the next press agency gives –ReuterAPdpa–; or they translate shocking news they “discovered” in the Anglophone Internet the night before. This week, however, Die Zeit Online, its electronic twin, raised the boom bar for journalistic failure: A headline claims: 'China: Police evacuates Tianjin after more explosions.'[i] Was Tianjin really evacuated? Of course NOT! The headline is a blatant click-bait fraud.
German media DIE ZEIT falsely propagates on Aug 15 that explosion in Binhai let China to “evacuate Tianjin“ (Image source: Google maps; distance between port and Tianjin city center about 40 km.)
German media DIE ZEIT falsely propagates on Aug 15 that "more explosions" in Binhai let China to “evacuate Tianjin“ (Image source: Google maps; distance between port and Tianjin city center about 40 km.). The city has not been evacuated.
Die Zeit was founded in Hamburg in 1946 under the auspices of the British, first modeled after the London ‘Times’, then accepting the American yoke: It regards itself as liberal (thus censoring), progressive (thus thought-policing), and as the nation’s moral pedagogue (it belittles the citizens). Today, the racket reaches hundreds of thousands of high-brow impression readers. It also feeds hundreds of lesser-tier magazines and journals with leftist ideas and gossip. We could say: Whatever Die Zeit prints goes. Now, if the dystopian headline “Police evacuates Tianjin” was true, about 8 to 12 million people would have to abandon the city. Because that’s the believed population size of Tianjin. For the sake of this argument let us say the population was 9 million –that’s still twice the population of the German capital, Berlin!
Imagine what it would take to evacuate a colossus like Berlin. Stop it. Never happened. Not in a thousand years: Neither the Great Fire, nor the Thirty Years War, nor Napoleon Bonaparte himself could relocate the diehard Berlin proles. Even during the Great War when the bombs fell like hailstones through the roofs of 1.5 million homes –the mob and hoi polloi stayed put. So, returning to 2015 and China, the journalist had to ask themselves: what would make 9 million Chinese run?
Which is linked to the question of what really happened in Tianjin: An explosion took place in Tianjin, in its remote 'Binhai' bay area, which is about 30 to 40 km away from the city's center. What were the press geniuses thinking when declaring the exodus of Tianjin?
Incompetent DIE ZEIT report reads 'China: Police evacuates Tianjin... - Fake news. (Image source: cached version of the article. The original has been removed by DIE ZEIT.)
Incompetent DIE ZEIT report reads 'China: Police evacuates Tianjin... - Fake news! (Image source: cached version of the article. The original has now been removed by DIE ZEIT.)
The daily reports from our 'China experts' resemble more and more a game of 'Chinese whispers', or “Stille Post” in German, where an initial rumor is passed from one person to the next with just two conditions: to paraphrase it, and to raise the stake: So “Binhai blast” quickly turns into “Tianjin explosion,” from which it isn’t far to “China’s on fire!” You know what I’m talking about: Generalizations, Accusations, Sensations! It’s never just “China says…” but: China warns, China threatens, China blames! It’s never just “Some person did…” but: State media slammed…, Beijing detained…, The Government oppresses!
This is all the more impressive as Die Zeit boasts Helmut Schmidt, the former German chancellor, among its “Publishers.” Schmidt, who was also the former Minister of Defense, used Die Zeit –“How can we go without him?”[ii]– to establish himself as the German Henry Kissinger on China. Can you imagine a former President of the United States and Minister of Defense as the Publisher of The New York Times? For the Germans, however, that’s not media collusion, nor is condemnable, no: In Germany, media and state are conjoined.
Let’s compare German Die Zeit's ‘Tianjin evacuated’ with the versions of the British BBC and American CNN. The BBC is known for its contempt for China, and so is CNN; but even those Imperialists put the radius of the Binhai evacuation area at exactly 3 kilometers, which, since it is a non-residential area, has the numbers of residence affected at 6000. So, about 1 in every 1500 citizens was affected (or 6000 in 9 million). So, we hate to say this, Die Zeit, but: No, Tianjin was NOT evacuated! You inflated the number of evacuees by 149.000 percent!
We see such horrible distortions in Die Zeit all the time; and what lasting damage those morons achieve: Japan watchers remember the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in north-eastern Japan, where our hysterical German media, captivated by the thought of evacuation, from ten thousand kilometers away in Hamburg orchestrated a doomsday scenario of radioactive contamination for greater Tokyo area and its 35 million inhabitants. Die Zeit ran a headline: “German meteorologists warn of danger to Tokyo.”[iii] In reality, Fukushima and Tokyo are 235 km apart.
The predictable result was the mini exodus of the angsty Germans in Tokyo. The waves of panic-stricken German journalists and expats “fleeing” the non-sinking ship of Japan before the eyes of the courageous Japanese, their elders, their women and children, let alone other foreign nationals, was shameful to witness, and a diplomatic disaster at that.
Granted, if Die Zeit reported truth and balance on China, nobody would read it. It’s the fucking Internet age, so entertain us! If, however, they manufacture a China threat the size of a Communist Moon, then shoot it down with spectacular journalistic rancor; they naturally get us hooked. Orwell could not foretell the Internet and thus had to be wrong: Not ‘survival’ is the ultimate litmus test in writing, but… ‘traffic’! Traffic it is! Lots and loads of TRAFFIC!
Let us have a look at another much-shared propaganda piece, this time not about the exodus of some city, or people, but the exodus of free markets: ‘How the Chinese Leadership seals off its country’. In this delusional piece, Die Zeit accuses Beijing of building its own IT-champions instead of having… ta ta ta tah:… American IT-companies taking over China![iv] See, for any proud nation it’s a good idea to foster its own champions in business and commerce and information technology, is it not? Not! See, China cannot do right: “The development of an IT industry and the overall control of the Internet will also serve to maintain power of the Communist Party.” Listen, if you happen to visit Germany this winter and surf the so-called Internet, you will see that it is completely owned and dominated by American IT giants. And, yes, believe it or not: the monopoly on the Internet does serve to maintain US hegemony. The authors, if they had any self-respect, should have said “China has its own IT industry, and we Germans have none –it’s not fair!”
But of course, those persons are paid to echo and channel US foreign policy into the German-speaking world, it’s not personal: It is possible that they didn’t even bother to reflect on it –that this particular IT propaganda piece only made sense from the American perspective (We want China’s IT market, so China: stop protecting your own IT market!); and absolutely made no sense from the German position –a nation whose IT sector was completely savaged and eaten up by US corporations –GoogleFacebookTwitterYahoo!, YoutubeAppleUber, and many more.
Now, Die Zeit has already sacked its Tianjin hoax, barely 24 hours after its appearance on its website, and replaced it with an environmental version, including a brand-new headline: “Toxic fumes threaten people in Tianjin.”[v] Yet, to be perfectly honest, they didn't have to erase all traces: The German China correspondents usually get away with anything they write. And if anybody raises troublesome objections, the hammer of the Censor falls: “Deleted. Please refrain from conspiracy theories.—The Editor.”
There's no 'censorship' at DIE ZEIT, just "moderation" (The note reads: "Deleted. No conspiracy theories, please. The editors.")
There's no 'censorship' at DIE ZEIT, only "moderation" (The note reads: "Removed. Do not engage in conspiracy theories, please. The editors.")
Is there any hope for Die Zeit? Not on this page. Go and confront any leading German ‘Foreign correspondent’ in Beijing or Tokyo about their language abilities and cultural competence and you’ll get the eye-daggers and the sneer: It’s an age-old truism proven and validated over and over again, that the most incompetent persons are offered the most powerful positions. At Die Zeit, China is Chefsache –a matter for the bosses. The bosses, of course, get to “explain” China to the readers first and assume the role as the Nation’s foremost “China Experts.” Helmut Schmidt, while he was the Publisher, shamelessly marketed his China books through Die Zeit: “How should the West react to China? A book by Helmut Schmidt.”[vi] Theo Sommer, former Publisher of Die Zeit, still writes columns: “The Chinese are coming. […] Millions come, with billions.”[vii] Josef Joffe, the current Publisher of Die Zeit, explains: “China speaks softly and carves up a big stick.”[viii]
Why all this China-fetish, pseudo-expertise, and self-important chiefs? Because the Media, just like Defense, is systemrelevant in Germany –indispensable for national security. A person who spent ten years away in Communist China without constant German supervision is a security risk. A person who spent ten years in Germany among the wrong class of people, the underclass; “common people” the upper class is destined to oversee and sacrifice as pawns to its dominion, cannot be trusted into high office either.
It’s like asking the German Minister of Defense if he’s ever served in the army or has studied the country he’s about to sending soldiers to. She didn’t. It’s currently Ursula von der Leyen (since 2013). And before that it was Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière (2011 – 2013), and Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (2009-2011) – all career politicians. They have no inklings to know about warfare and the battle field, or plans to participate in it, but they truly know that spreading negativity about their enemies will possess them with all the power. They are essentially “trolling” the people of Germany. That’s what our media are doing as well:
Precisely because of being incompetent, mismatched, and dysfunctional at their “job,” foreign correspondents are eternally grateful for the opportunity and forever loyal to their paymasters. As reward for their unquestioning loyalty they are getting access to resources and perks completely separated from the world of experts, the common people, das Volk. Yes, some correspondents can’t handle the immorality of it and quit, or blow the whistle and die –O crap, Mistake! – a treacherous loser. Most disciples, however, have the dark stuff to become the press tyrants they were meant to be. They can’t wait to be first in Beijing and cause some serious damage.
Foreign correspondents exist; they don’t know. Their function is precisely what generates the hate and sells the foreign danger, the alarm, the panicking, the anxiety, the provocation, the disruption. Question: If what we print about the foreign nation is obviously untrue, why does everybody get so angry about it? Answer: Because we, we couldn’t help it; but YOU, you stir-shitters, yarnspinners and damned rabulists, You set us up... Oh yes you did! Yes…you… %#!$@

[i] Die Zeit, China: Polizei evakuiert Tianjian nach weiteren Explosionen, Aug 15, 2015, Hamburg (Article now removed)
[ii] Die Zeit, Helmut Schmidt, How can we go without him?, Nov 10, 2015, Hamburg
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Meet The China Experts Production Squad

“The big loser, of course, is the global audiences to whom – not even talking about US colonialism – the vanity and the arrogance of these few privileged men is sold as “correct” information and news about China.”
Holla! "China Experts"

Friday, March 4, 2016


作为一名正统的德国人,北京大学高等人文研究院研究人员裴德思(Pattberg Thorsten)先生却希望能用中文来理解中华文明,他表示“用英文学习化学与用中文学习化学的感觉非常不一样”,用不同的语言学习同样的概念存在差异,因此,他希望可以让中华文明输出时能保留原汁原味的中国特色。

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Propaganda: New York Times Promotes Academic Quacks Who Preach China Doom

When press soldier Michael Forsythe parades another academic quack for the New York Times‘ ‘Q. and A.’ on the future demise of the Communist Party of China, the “China experts” are all tuned in... [...]

Source: Propaganda: NY Times Promotes Academic Quacks Who Preach China Doom

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Business Insider Joins Fabrication of "Joshua" Wong and the "Exodus" in China

Haha, Whenever we thought this is religious cliche, and too simple and base for Western media tactics in the 21st Century, a "press soldier" comes along and announces a new crusade. What's this Western media "obsession" with "Joshua" Wong and the Exodus in China? He was entirely "fabricated" by Western media - from Reuters, NY Times, to Bloomberg and Economist - as a "DISSIDENT" and "SAVIOR" useful and practical to the Western cause in Hong Kong. Just saying.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Die Merkel steht ohne Hosen da! Totalüberwachung seit Jahrzehnten durch die NSA!

Zuerst die gute Nachricht: Die Vorstellungen der US / NSA Totalüberwachung von 80 Millionen Deutschen - ihre Politik, ihre Geschäfte, ihre Telefonanrufe , ihre E-Mails - ist kein Verschwörungstheorie . Entspannen Sie sich. Sie sind nicht paranoid.
Jetzt die schlechte Nachricht: Keine Verschwörungstheorie könnte je die Kerze halten zur amerikanische RealitätÖ

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New York Times (NYT) promotes violence and separatism in Hong Kong (East-West Dichotomy)

NY Times. If violent riot is ok, why not promoting it during the anti-US-military-bases rally in Tokyo, Japan; or the anti-Islam ‘Pegida’ revolt in Brandenburg, Germany; or the anti-Racism demos in New York City, USA? After all, “peaceful” seems not to do it, right?

New York Times is pure propaganda, promotes violence in Hong Kong (East-West-Dichotomy)

NEW YORK – It is no secret that the New York Times is intent on regime change in Communist China and ignorant of the consequences of promoting violence in Hong Kong. But never did the paper made it so blatantly obvious:
In today’s piece entitled ‘China Labels Protesters “Radical Separatists,” and They Agree‘, the NY Times journalist Alan Wong writes a confession of faith to a certain Edward Leung, a rather extremist individual, it appears, who happens to boast (as the NY Times assuredly wanted him to) about the necessity of violence against the state in his quest for… wait for it… “a revolution.” [...]

In atheist China, they worship their parents (East-West Dichotomy)

Ah, Chinese parenting! It’s quite impressive. They do without God and religion. They worship someone else. The majority of traditional Chinese just don’t care for their child as a ‘free agent’.
“The parents are sending their child away, because everywhere is better than home.”
Leaving the child behind, or with an uncle, or a friend, an a’i, some educational institution, claiming it back later, what’s the difference? The child owns its existence to its parents, so the child is the parents’ fucking property -forever! Asking the child for its opinion? Unthinkable. Doesn’t count. The parent, the teacher, the sages -all know what’s best for the child! If they don’t like the child, they leave it with the grandparents. No problem. The parents are sending their child away, because everywhere else is better than home. It’s a ‘inferior complex’ that was planted into their hearts a long time ago, and chains one generation of Chinese to the next. Abuse, physical and psychological, is rampant. Most Chinese parents struggle to raise their child into good, well-rounded, mentally healthy, independent human beings. Chinese just can’t do it. Wouldn’t know how to. Confucianism, Collectivism, Communism… [...]

Anti-China CNN - How US Propaganda Works (East-West Dichotomy)

America's CNN doesn't like China's CCTV very much:

CNN propaganda trash-talks CCTV’s Chinese New Year TV party. Widely known fact: CNN propaganda is far more malignant and confrontational. And CNN is not ashamed of it at all. So, without further ado, here’s a break-down of a masterfully fabricated propaganda piece by Shen Lu and Hilary Whiteman. It’s a 10 out of 10. (You’ll know when we get there.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

@thefinebros World Domination Fail

Keep your ideas secret and close to your vest! Don’t warn the people of the world that you wanna control and monopolize all ‘Search’ (Google). Just do it. Don’t tell the people of the world that you wanna copyright all colors, sounds, and genes (TPP). Just do it! Don’t tell the people of the world that you want to trademark ‘react’ and cash on their reactions (Fine Brothers). If you have the perfect business idea, don’t tell everyone. You do it first!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars Force Awakens TAOIST Review

Lots of special effects and media sensationalism. Star Wars is technically (Chinese) Taoism with aliens in the future (e. g. the Force (Qi), the Jedi's Way (Tao), the Light and the Dark Side of the Force (Yin Yang), Jedis (Daojun), immortals (Xianren), and so on. This isn't the first time Disney has "borrowed" from foreign originality: Hollywood looted German folklore and Grimm's Fairy Tales, Greek mythology, and Chinese philosophy before. Just saying.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

"Wherever the kids have a better life, Chinese parents will send them."

[...] In the West, low-class parents often drag their children down by telling them they are clever and beautiful, and that they can achieve anything in life if only they believe in themselves. In China, however, 99% of the child’s success is believed to be design of the parents. In America, mothers don’t part with their young kids easily; in China, mothers gratefully accept any opportunity that will leave their kids with more affluent friends or relatives abroad. Penniless mothers sell their toddlers to monasteries or the circus; much less for the money than for the conviction that the child will be better off, and learn some skills.

Everything is better than staying with poor parents, is it not? All the same, it’s the parents that make all the life-changing decision for their young –right into young adulthood, if necessary.
Even if those “70m reasons” were realized, it wouldn’t change the universal (Confucian) philosophy toward child-rearing: filial piety, learned helplessness, and being a jerk. On the contrary, if they all had money in the world, the Chinese would still leave their children behind, or hire nannies, and private tutors, or send their children abroad to relatives, affluent friends, or intl schools. They don’t know what else to do with kids, personally. Before recently, they didn’t even have toys, fairy tales, or play dates, let alone religion and clean air. In China: pity ALL the children.
Thor Tukoll is a pen name of Thorsten J. Pattberg, a German writer and cultural critic. He is the author of The East-West Dichotomy,  Shengren, and Inside Peking University.