Friday, May 19, 2017

German regime racket FAZ solicited a brutal hit piece against Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

This is a true Death Star encounter for Mr. Watson and Mr. Jones. Germany has no freedom of speech, but insane hate speech laws. If the two were German, they would probably get arrested and erased from the internet.

The German regime racket FAZ solicited a brutal hit piece against [British] Paul Joseph Watson and [US] Alex Jones. The press took quotes out of context and smeared the two Trump supporters as right-wing extremist who incite hatred and call for civil war and violence in America. The title of the piece is: ‘Impeachment will lead to war.
Other alleged warmongers and rabble-rouses named in the hit piece include “right-wing extremist” Richard B. Spence, Joel Pollak, and Roger Stone.
The author of the hit piece is a well-known denunciator, Oliver Georgi, who frequently targets Merkel critics and political dissenters [see below]. His main activity at FAZ is to demonize Donald Trump as the next Adolf Hitler and his voters as Nazis.
Brutal hit piece by Oliver Georgi targeting Elmar Hoerig, a satirist, freedom activist, and former radio host -thought crime, hate speech
Hit piece by Oliver Georgi targeting Mario Barth, a comedian -thought crime, hate speech
Hit piece by Oliver Georgi targeting Milo Yiannopoulos, provocateur and gay activist -demagogue, hate speech
Brutal hit piece by Oliver Georgi (l.) targeting ‘Pegida’, a movement against mass immigration and Islamification of Germany –thought crime, hate speech
Update: Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones released a video response, rebutting the slanderous hit piece. HERE.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


FAKE NEWS MEDIA fail: TIME planned a double hit piece on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin by melting the White House into the seat of the Russian government on the front of TIME magazine’s cover this week.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

White House Press Briefing is disgusting

Cernovich in the White House: Legacy correspondents “are filthy” and “colluded” - @Cernovich #FakeNewsMedia 🐸
The carpets are “dirty and worn-out,” says Mike Cernovich: The correspondents “are drinking water and eating food right next to the bathroom, it’s disgusting.” The room is visibly far too small and crammed. The ‘fake news media’ are all in cahoots, posing mommy questions to the White House: “White House correspondents are filthy animals,” says Cernovich, if only to make them sweat more.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

World explodes as Trump eats first mosquito Comey in the Washington swamp

Western governments are so scared that 'draining the swamp' could actually resonate with their voters. For let us be honest, entire classes –politicians, bankers, journalists–can never be held accountable in the West, no matter what they do. Yes, there are silly exemptions. But only if the elites “sacrifice” one of their own and throw them to the public (but not the courts).

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mainstream Media throws away objectivism, does everything to stop Marine Le Pen

Mainstream media celebrates new president of France 2 weeks prior to election

Much like with Trump and Brexit, the Mainstream Media is now meddling into the French election and is declaring the winner 2 weeks prior to election day, and it is not Marine Le Pen. Meanwhile, if alternative media did that they’d be denounced as ‘FAKE NEWS’ instantly. What a world.
The Independent: Good News, Marine Le Pen is finished. She stood back as chairwoman of her party. The presidential election is in 2 weeks.
The Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ): Has France elected a reformer? E. Macron will be the next president. (The election is in 2 weeks time, you assholes!)
FOX NEWS tries to be neutral but invited former US ambassador to Iraq and Turkey for commentary who insists that Le Pen isn’t going to be president
RT summarizes how top EU politicians and mainstream media call for meddling into French election to stop Marine Le Pen. Very sad.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Global media don't want you to know about the severe crimes committed in South Africa

Guardian, BBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, Economist, Times of London, New York Times [...] definitely don't want you to know this about South Africa.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Failing Wall Street Journal resorts to Terrorism

Of course it is terrorism!

The most brutal slander and political arson that our holocaust!-media can come up with is normally reserved only for the leaders of sovereign nations: their names destroyed, their legacy ruined, their countries triggered, their partners intimidated, their followers set up for division, hate, and hopefully, violence [so that the press soldiers can go in and report it].

Yes, if the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) scripted a similar campaign against Sweden, the Swedish would be right to call it an act of international terrorism, according to the standard definition for terrorism.

Pewdiepie, a Swedish national, has six times more followers on Youtube than Sweden has population: 53 million. The comic became the victim of a pitiless WSJ hitpiece: The perpetrators cherry-picked images and jokes from the entertainer and depicted him as a Nazi and anti-Semite. It is untrue, but WSJ planned on incriminating the millions of Pewdiepie's fans and see what happens.

The journo-terrorists first blackmailed Pewdiepie's business partners, Disney and Youtube's Maker Studio, and threatened to blow them up too, if they wouldn't freeze out the Swede. The spineless companies, intimidated, bowed to the terrorists' demands. The three attackers later bragged on social media about how they took down their targets.

Pewdiepie has a global platform, Youtube, to verbally defend himself. Most countries in the world don't have his reach. If a country is rounded up by Western killer media like this, it often destabilizes and its population suffers terribly. As a rule, if the unelected, corrupt 'legacy media' - from WSJ, CNN, NY Times, Economist, Washington Post, BBC, etc. - conspire to such extreme enemy propaganda -- FAKE NEWS --, they usually aim for maximal disruption, racism, crisis, social unrest, and endless provocations.
Journalism is full of militant terminologies. Journalists talk of information warfare, breaking news, and character-assassinations. Let us talk about their terrorism:
While historians such as Noam Chomsky 30 years ago linked a lot of military interventions abroad to systematic "state terrorism," society seems to be in complete denial still about the organized terrorism of our legacy media.

The WSJ is part of a global terror cartel, the globalists, who act in concert [to project power] to harm large populations and profit from spreading terror and fear, disinformation and lies, causing division and hatred, injustice and misery.

Defend yourself!

P.S. Here's a good reading about journalism and the age of tabloids. Good times. No more. Now journalism is terrorism.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of censorship

German Times, Leftist Media & Totalitarian State (Post-Trump Trauma)[Warning. This is about colluded and corrupt state media and censorship. Strong language. Reader discretion is advised.]

BERLIN (The East-West Writer) – Freedom of expression? Not in Germany! Freedom of the press, not for the peopleDie ZEIT [Times], the Merkel regime’s state-of-the-art propaganda flagship, doesn’t take chances with yo readers’ critical comments. You say something that doesn’t rhyme with the status quo, they’ll delete your dissent on sight.
Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate their opinions in words, texts and images […] There is no censorship. –Art. 5, §1, First sentence, German Basic Law
Creating critique-free spaces
Here is a list of often completely arbitrary censorship reasons (to their credit, they give some), colder than the inquisition in Hammer of the Witches:
Deleted. Please refrain from generalizations. The editors / ja
Deleted. Please formulate your criticism objectively and respectfully. The editors / ja
Deleted. Please refer to the article’s topic. The editors / ur
Deleted. Please argue without unnecessary polemics. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please refrain from submitting any unsupported information. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please support your statement with sources and do not engage in any general defamation and accusations. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please refrain from excessive polemics. The editors / rg
Deleted. Please provide your statement with sources. The editors / ee
Deleted. Please refrain from assumptions. The editors / ja
And these are just a few of many deletions taken from just one article (!) about the ‘state of emergency in France’. Censorship takes place in all comment sections. We are talking about thousands of deletions, every day. For this kind of thought policing, the paper needs many, many censors (ja, ur, ee, rg … are name abbreviation).

Sexism, Underaged Girls, Dojin Comics and Otaku Culture in Tokyo's Akihabara District (R-rated)

What is wrong with this Japanese picture?

It’s the drawing of a probably under-aged character in a Dojin-comic (self-published) hanging round in Akihabara shops, a popular tourist district in Tokyo. It’s legal. It’s even tax-free.
Japan is hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Because Japan is a US colony and ally in the containment of China, North Korea, and Russia, US liberal media and cultural marxists go very mild on the Japanese.
The Western thought police and press soldiers write about Pokemon and Shin Godzilla. They don’t write about child-pornography and rampant sexism.
They will change in 2020.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trumpheart - Trump's Historic Speech about US Corruption
Now the global media mafia tells us that Trumpheart is ridiculous and that those who vote for him are a basket of deplorables. The mainstream media push Hillary Clinton to US presidency, come what may, while destroying Donald Trump, the champion of the downtrodden, the masses, the American hoi polloi.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

There’s no way that this criminal nation is going away with it forever

...not, if the US kills history first, that is.

WASHINGTON (the East-West Writer) - Mass murder, state terrorism in Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan, drone killings in Bangladesh, torture, colluded media, crooked politicians, thought police... the United States of America has roped itself to the end of the civilization pole.

"I'm emotional because our country is going down the tubes. Our culture is going down the tubes. Washington is full of liars, " says FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom. He endorses Donald Trump for president.

The colluded corporate media, meanwhile, act in concert to destroy Donald Trump, who dared to pledge to "drain the swamp" of corrupt America. "Donald Trump is unfit to be president," the Washington Post boils. Or maybe American media was just unfit to run this election:

WikiLeaks Bombshell: ‘There Is No US Election

Yes, the election is rigged. Candidates are selected, not elected. The government and the media are in cahoot. But fear not. Madonna, the retarded song-writer and 'material girl', is now offering oral sex for Hillary votes. A US warship, the USS Cole, has just bombed into Yemen (self-defense). I don't know why I mention this.

Washington shelters war criminals (Bush junior, Cheney, Kissinger, Rumsfeld...), and protects the interests of the powerful 1% elites. The US military attacked foreign countries over 180 times, and established 700 military bases. Historians thumb through pages of sorrow. There's no way that this criminal nation is going away with it forever (not, if the US kills history first, that is).

Here's American journalism in a nutshell, brought to you by Daily News: "Then came Donald Trump — liar, thief, bully, hypocrite, sexual victimizer and unhinged, self-adoring demagogue." With media like this, you now have American boys demanding the right to enter the girl's bathroom. If you disagree, you are a rapist, misogynist, and racist. Nobel prize winners get fired by their universities because... science is racist.

Truth, honesty, decency all died in Rome. It is not Donald Trump who is unfit to run the American empire, it is the American empire that is unfit to run the world.

Sadly, Americans have no time to reflect upon their corrupt leadership. They are watching Kim Kardashian Sweet-16-Party photos and Mila Cyrus Ass Bangerz Tour. In the propaganda papers, they are force-fed with hate, fear, anxiety, racism, and driven into a comical war with Russia and China, and perhaps Iran and North Korea. Islam, maybe too, fucking monster terrorists!

The United States are going down, spectacularly.

by the East-West Writer

Image: Hillary Clinton, throwing a fit

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fame insane journalists insert themselves into the news, as the news (Michael Luo, NYTimes)

NEW YORK (the East-West Writer) - You sure know your constituency, Michael Luo. The West is the ultimate upgrade to your life. Don't go back to China!

Michael Luo, a deputy editor at the New York Times, a propaganda racket that frequently incites violence, hatred, and calls for regime change in China, got hit by "friendly fire" in an American neighborhood. "Go back to China," a (white?) American woman yelled at him while coming home with his family from a mass (He's a devout Christian, hor).

So, since he works with the top American propaganda people, why not fabricating a story that features himself as the hero of his own journalism, about American racism? He does not explain why it is so bad being ethnic Chinese, or why China was such an insult to him. He thinks, like we all knew he did, that America was the best thing that ever happened to him, to all of us.

It reminds me of that bad cop, good cop game the police is playing to manipulate their victims. Journalists have a similar game, too: The New York Times sends its press soldiers, say, Michael F. and his hawks, in order to report China and the Chinese as the arch enemy of the United States of America. And when America is ready for some serious hate, another group of journalists, say, Michael L. and his doves, lament how hateful everyone has become. They work in tandem. Take turns.

The readers of the New York Times are the true victims. They are targeted by this sort of propaganda for their (anti-American) thought crimes. Just like the bad cop and the good cop are colleagues and friends, the hawks and the doves are colleagues here at the Times, even went to Harvard together. The harsh anti-China propaganda is meant to scare Chinese-Americans, and the soft anti-racism (how could one object) is meant to have them swear total allegiance to America.

To align Mr. Luo's confession (he is a true American, ladies) to the racket's extreme political agenda, his writings pin generic racism in this country to a white man of German ancestry -Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, whom the New York Times had recently handed an huge (and perhaps criminal) character assassination campaign.

The sheer arrogance by which New York Times writers manipulate the news is legendary. They know that whatever the papers writes, sticks. So they write... about themselves.

by the East-West Writer

Germany's War on its White Population (Ethnic Cleansing)

In 2015, 2.1 million immigrants marched into Germany, most of them young, male refugees and asylum seeker from Syria, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Northern Africa. 

According to official sources, Germany now host 8.7 million foreigners, or 10.5% of its population. Of the German passport holders, 7.5 million have a migration background.* It means that the overall number of residents with migration background (arrived since 1949) now stands at 17.1 million, or 21% of the population. Of those, about half have no formal job qualifications, according to Statista. For 2016, the government estimates 500,000 new immigrants. Critics talk about Überfremdung -hyperxenesis.

Fremdbestimmung [Heteronomy]

Some background information is needed: Germany was defeated in the Great War. It had been occupied, first by Soviet Russia (East Germany) and the Allies (West Germany), and then, gradually, it became a US colony, politically, militarily, and culturally. Under National Socialism, German women often had between 6 to 8 children. To prevent the Germans from multiplying again, the USA drowned the country in propaganda: family planning, sterilization programs, and textbook indoctrination to limit or forgo procreation.

This has resulted into the lowest birthrate in the entire world (on par with Japan, which was also occupied by the US): 1.4 kids per woman. To put this into perspective, between 1977 to 2013 the number of German births had halved, from annually 1.3 million to 670,000 newborns. But immigrants don't read (and don't care about) German propaganda, so they have more kids. By 2015, 30% of all children in Germany age 0-5 had a migration background.
Illegal migrants sit on the dock at the Tripoli port after 117 migrants of African origins, including six pregnant women, were rescued by two coast guard boats off the coast of Libya on June 7, 2016. People smugglers have exploited the chaos gripping Libya since the 2011 uprising that overthrew dictator Moamer Kadhafi to traffic migrants across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. It is a lucrative business for the smugglers who cram migrants into boats that are small and unsafe for the perilous journey to Italy just 300 kilometres (190 miles) from Libya's shores. / AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD TURKIA
Many more want to come: Migrants heading for the EU sit on the dock at Tripoli port, Lebanon. Image source: AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD TURKIA

Bevölkerungsaustausch [Population Transfer]
Now, instead of assimilation (which would require dark humor and strong nationalism), something insane happened: The German leaders, all fearful of their US overlords calling them Nazis, are now recklessly plotting the exodus of white native Germans. Several top politicians and party leaders [see herehere, and here] have expressed 'anti-German' sentiments. They believe that ethnic Germans ought to become a minority.

They believe the downfall of blond-haired, blue-eyed Germans should be engineered, fast. Since the German leaders are so anti-German, immigrants and refugees take notice: Why to assimilate at all, why not force-fitting the Germans into the immigrant culture?

The Anti-German Complot

Flying the German flag in Germany is now considered racist. Speaking German in German classrooms is considered racist. Ethnic Germans see their kids beaten and harassed in schools, at the swimming pools, at train stations and shopping malls, which are frequented by gangs of foreign-born proles. The police is covering up wrongdoings by immigrants, out of fear of being labelled anti-immigrant. The government celebrates the miscegenation [mixing of races] as Germany's highest duty, the destruction of German culture as progressive, and the extinction of the white races as atonement for their past sins.
Immigrants at Dortmund train station. Image source: DPA

Amadeu Antonio Foundation [Thought Police]

The crack-down is severe. Freedom of speech is no more, if it ever was. ProsecutionsRaidsCensorship. The corrupt state media (Die ZeitSpiegelFAZ...) call entire villages, cities, states "racist." The central government has revived the Stasi (a former Ministry for State Security), in form of the 'Amadeu Antonio Foundation', a repressive, Orwellian-style thought police that patrols the Internet [see herehere, and here], spies on its citizens, psychologically destroys white culture, and belittles the natives' right for self-determination.

Racism against Ethnic Germans is also Racism

The Merkel regime has co-opted German GoogleYoutubeFacebookTwitter, etc. to block and censor political dissent. People lose their jobs. Websites disappear. Accounts are suspended. Videos are deleted.

If you experience ethnic cleansing (forced migration, intimidation), speak up against the regime. If you are a journalist, speak up against the colluded press. You are not alone in the world (although you are pretty f****d in Germany, sorry). Do not use violence, ever. If you are using non-German social media, your speech is often protected by the US First Amendment (Freedom of Speech). Make use of it. Wehre dich!

*Another source, Die Welt, says it is 9.1 million foreigners, and 9.2 German passport holders with migration background, considerably higher than the numbers given by Statista.
Image source: German classroom in the 30's.
Selected Videos: