Monday, August 17, 2015

China: Police evacuates Tianjin after more explosions (When the media messes up BIG TIME...)

When the media messes up BIG TIME... 
DIE ZEIT on Aug 18, 2015, published click-and-bait article 'China: Police evacuates Tianjin after more explosions" evoking the relocation of 8 - 12 million citizens. Wow.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pattberg: Le isole rischiano di diventare un nido di kaiju, i mostri giapponesi come Godzilla.

"Il punto critico è focalizzato sulle isole che i cinesi chiamano Diaoyu e i giapponesi, che ne hanno il controllo, Senkaku. Sopra quelle isole e le acque circostanti nel novembre scorso la Cina ha stabilito una “Air defense identification zone”, che in pratica rivendica il controllo su parte dello spazio aereo giapponese e sudcoreano e sfida il trattato di mutua sicurezza tra America e Giappone. Come ha rilevato il sinologo Thorsten Pattberg, le isole rischiano di diventare un nido di kaiju, i mostri giapponesi come Godzilla, “metafore di conflitto, minacce esistenziali, apocalisse, incarnazioni delle guerre passate e future”.
In proporzione appare ben poca cosa il confronto tra Giappone e Corea del sud per le isole di Dokdo (Takeshima in giapponese), piccolo arcipelago tra i due paesi, rivendicato da entrambi e occupato dalla Corea. A complicare i rapporti tra i due alleati dell’America, ci ha pensato il premier giapponese Abe, che il 26 dicembre scorso ha reso omaggio al tempio di Yasukuni, dove sono sepolti anche 14 criminali di guerra. Secondo i nazionalisti “i giapponesi ci vanno a pregare per le anime dei morti in guerra, oltre 2,4 milioni, non per glorificare la guerra o giustificare i criminali di guerra”. Ma è chiaro che il gesto ha offeso i coreani, soggetti al dominio giapponese dal 1910 al 1945 e vittime di atroci abusi. E’ per tentare di ricucire lo strappo che il presidente Obama ha incluso la Corea nel suo viaggio in Asia."

Thursday, July 23, 2015

#freemiao propaganda goes terribly wrong: when german media is faster than chinese justice and holier than the lord christ

Angela Köckritz and German DIE ZEIT embrace for yet another round of China-bashing

Crass and disturbing piece by Angela Köckritz, ‘China correspondent’ for DIE ZEIT, parading her emotional baggage and anti-China sentiments before the latest crackdown on corrupt lawyers in China. It makes for fascinating reading largely because she is so rich of victim-mentality. She doesn’t even hide her political motives of regime change, and at the same time exposes her own totalitarian beliefs.

Monday, July 20, 2015

These things need to be said over and over again

"Thanks for letting yourself go, Mr. Pattberg. These things need to be said over and over again. We are bombarded with anti-Chinese propaganda in our media. I think editors are so convinced in their prejudices that they don't realize they are publishing half-truths and lies.
In any case, let's trade: China can develop Western rule of law, and the West can develop Chinese effort and ingenuity. When Americans rail at Chinese lack of copyright and patent protection, I remember that when Dickens visited America in the 19th century, he found many unlicensed editions of his works. Strict patent and copyright laws are a luxury that developing economies can best do without.
I noticed recently in a list of members of the Council on Foreign Relations that there were no Chinese names or organizations. Plenty of Japanese ones, however. The desire to make China an enemy starts at the top." --vanisle1

On Chinese-free China journalism (Avoid Chinese words, write in English)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

China-watchers Gady ‘Shady’ Epstein, Chris ‘Buckfast’ Buckley, and Michael ‘the Knife’ Forsythe...

"Some top tier China-watchers –the likes of Gady ‘Shady’ Epstein, Chris ‘Buckfast’ Buckley, and Michael ‘the Knife’ Forsythe, etc.– probably decided that “This Joshua is epic material; we hold him up there against Evil China and the Communist Party.” (They mostly coordinate their output.)"


Thursday, July 16, 2015

On Chinese Originality

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Fabricating "Saviors" and "Angels" - Joshua Wong in Western Propaganda

"This drama of reliving the ‘exodus’ (of our ideological enemies) over and over again is, I claim, brought to near perfection in the West." --T. Pattberg

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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Chinese Student Shaming by CNN Katie Hunt
In a feisty propaganda piece by Katie Hunt at CNN (in Hong Kong), entitled ‘Fraud frenzy? Chinese seek U.S. college admission at any price‘ she and her ‘Chinese assistants’ generalize and paint a cruel picture of mass-fraud and universal deception committed by Chinese students coming out of mainland China. They are submitting almost perfect applications. They pay ridiculously high tuition fees in cash. [...]

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